About Kidini Karate -Teaching Children Self Protective Skills Bully Prevention Child Safety Programs

About Kidini Karate

Overview of Kidini Karate

Bully Prevention Child Safety Researched Based Program Teaching Children Self Protective Skills and a With Developmental Motor Skills, Music & Fitness Curriculum.

Kidini is a Bully Prevention and Child Safety Program for children ages 2-8 years old, and is taught by certified Kidini instructors. Each Kidini assembly or weekly session can be held at elementary schools, early learning centers, day care centers and other children service facilities in your city. Kidini also supports character development, physical development, and individual fear management techniques that will foster confidence in children.

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The Founders

Michael Ray Graves

Michael Graves received the Excellence in Teaching Martial Arts Award and was inducted into the USA KARATE Hall of Fame, the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He has been tutoring parents and children about bully prevention and child safety for over 25 years. Michael also produced Karate Box, KoBu Power and has been seen on CNN, ABC, CBS, Comcast, and Nickelodeon. He has also been featured in Shape magazine, Edge magazine, Oxygen magazine, Nick Jr., The Miami Herald, Forbes Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Delaware Today. Michael has two daughters and currently lives in Wilmington, Delaware.

Frank Flora

Frank Flora taught classes for the General Motors in Wilmington Delaware and has been teaching fitness and safety for over 30 years. Frank has helped manage many fitness events in the Delaware Valley and national events including the largest fitness event in the world, The Arnold. Frank has five children and currently lives in Wilmington, Delaware.

Kidini was researched by:
Delaware Education Research & Development Center, University of Delaware.

Our Mission

Our mission is to have Kidini be the premier intro-to Bully Prevention Child Safety for children from the ages of 2-8 years old across the globe to do so in such a way that it leaves a lasting impact on the youth we serve.

Our Successful Method

We offer a quality, high-energy program with principle instruction of Bully Prevention and Child Safety wrapped in fun.

Our creative Kidini curriculum emphasizes self protective skills, as well as character development, which transcends the lesson itself.

The Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety program is for children from 2-8 years old and uses the Kidini Team Heroes to introduce fearful issues of child bullying, and child predators. The Kidini Team Heroes teach how to solve problems with an age-appropriate solution. The parents become involved with the Kidini parent and child read along activity book and the Kidini sing along music CDs as well as seeing their child earn the Kidini Certificates in class.


We are motivated by the desire of seeing kids utilize empathy for others and understand dangerous situations. Character development and individual confidence will bring a positive impact to all areas of children’s lives. We teach Kidini Karate to children so they may learn self-protective skills to avoid or escape from all forms of potential abuse.

Kidini Assemblies and Class Sessions Incorporate the following:

  • Basic Traditional Movement Skills
  • Exclusive Kidini Games
  • Kidini Bully Prevention & Child Safety Escape Moves
  • Learn respect and courtesy for their friends and family
  • Fun Kidini Fitness Activities and Exercises
  • Coordination, Balance, and Agility Development
  • Character & Confidence Building Bully Prevention and Child Safety Lessons
  • Sing Along Music Lessons of safety and Choreographed Safety Dance Lessons
  • Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety Awards are given to every child at each class


Kidini provides all the equipment children need for the sessions. Uniforms are not required.

The Benefits

  • Specific skill sets like speed, power, balance and timing
  • Development of active lifestyle habits
  • Learning age-appropriate fear management techniques to stay safe
  • Psychomotor development through fun fitness activities
  • Introduction to group and team concepts
  • Character formation by increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Appreciation for team concepts like cooperation, teamwork, and encouragement
  • Increased understanding of honesty and respect

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Our creative Kidini curriculum emphasizes self protective skills, as well as character development, which transcends the lesson itself.