Kidini Karate School Assembly Show | Kidini Karate Bully Prevention Child Safety Self Defense Escapes

Kidini Karate School Assembly Show

Let us make schools a safe place for students

We combine academic lessons and Bully Prevention Child Safety readiness skills specifically designed for children ages 2 to 8 years old.

Why do we need Bullying Prevention and Child Safety training for kids?

All forms of bullying are abusive and all are opportunities to teach children how to get along, how to be considerate people, and how to be part of a community or group. When you’re a kid, it can be hard to tell if someone is trying to be mean. That’s why we created Kidini®—a program that teaches your kids the skills they need to prevent bullying.

The Kidini Experience for School – How does it work?

Kidini instructors are professional teachers who come to your school to conduct a program focused on bullying prevention and child safety. The program consists of fun activities and is all wrapped up in a fun assembly that everyone can enjoy!

The curriculum includes Kidini story book .Lyrical music lessons,individual award certificates, teacher guides, and classroom support materials all contained within an easy-to-use curriculum format that teaches children how to work together as well as communicate effectively with each other so that they can get along effectively during work time!

Why Kidini?

With Kidini, children learn how to interact with others and solve problems with their peers. In addition, they become more confident and self-aware by working collaboratively together on a project or activity. Here are some of the reasons why you should teach Kidini in your school!

✔️ Researched Based Children’s Bullying Prevention Program

✔️ Bullying Prevention Lessons
✔️ Child Safety School Show

✔️ Pre-planned lessons in a kit

✔️ Step-by-step teacher guides

✔️ Wide variety of activities for kids – karate, dance, fitness, sports, read stories, sing songs and other fun activities!

✔️ Optional in-person or virtual product training

✔️ Certified by Moms, Parents, and Families Nationwide (for reference – )

See how Kidini works for Students in Your School

In order to stop bullying, a school-wide anti-bullying program for students needs to address several fronts, including school culture, parent involvement, and community engagement.
The best part? Kidini is also a great way to reinforce what your child learns at school. We’ve got At Home Materials so you can take the learning one step further!


The Kidini® Team on Stage (including a 16-foot Kidini Dinosaur)

The Kidini Team characters are ready to teach you some tricks of the trade: how to avoid being bullied, how to escape when you’re in danger, and how to be respectful of others. They’ll use their own stories and music as examples of ways kids have protected themselves from bullies and dangerous situations.


Kidini® Books & Music (help introduce Bullying and Child Safety issues to children)

Parent education, school staff, and other adults at all community levels can help kids prevent bullying by talking about it, building a safe school environment, and creating community-wide bullying prevention research-based strategies. Kidini aims to introduce children to Bully Prevention and age-appropriate child safety skills.


Kidini® Assembly

The kids learn about how to use their inner voice as a safe place for them to explore, express themselves, and manage their emotions. It is designed to promote healthy development and social skills with music, vocal development, storytelling, listening, and movement and literacy aspects of each classroom level for students ages 2-8.


Choice of activities:

Karate (Japanese words with the appropriate karate moves) is a cultural experience !

By providing benefits such as discipline, confidence, respect, self-control, leadership, and self-defense; karate helps by providing children with a consistent structure of discipline that helps them learn which types of behavior are acceptable and which are not.
Psychomotor Development through Fun Fitness Activities.

Kidini is backed by research

At Kidini, teaching kids how to respond to stranger danger and bullying behavior prevention is essential. That’s why Kidini offers research-based program components that cover both topics. Kidini’s program, researched by the University of Delaware, is designed to help kids learn about the different types of bullying, stand up to bullies, and stay safe around strangers.


Get more from Kidini!

We offer a full range of resources for parents and teachers, including training and a guided curriculum for all staff members at your school or organization, an online teaching guide for teachers, parent guides, and more!


How do I arrange a Kidini® Assembly for my school?

Invest in the safety of your school with the Kidini Bullying prevention program.
Call us at 302-475-8707 or click the BOOK NOW button for possible dates and times.