Bully Prevention Child Safety Kidini”SAFE WAY HOME”Kit

Teach Children about Bully Prevention Child Safety

Read  the Stories -Sing the Songs -Learn to Avoid & Escape

Kidini”SAFE WAY HOME” Kit  includes:

* The Kidini Teacher Researched Based Manual

* The Kidini Parent & Child  Read aloud Activity Book

* Narrated lessons and Sing a long Music  CD

*The Kidini Bully Prevention Child Safety Team Certificate

* The Kidini Team Award Certificates

    Kidini”SAFE WAY HOME” Kit   $99.00





Kidini Bully Prevention Child Safety program was researched by the University of Delaware’s Department of Research and it has also earned national awards

Bully Prevention Child Safety with Music and Stories
For Parents , Grandparents, children’s guardian, and anyone concerned with
Child Safety and Bully Prevention for children 2 to 8 years old

We also provide a Kidini Instructor and Kidini Master instructor certification.