Kidini Karate- Teach Children Self Protective Skills


Kidini Karate Bully Prevention Child Safety

Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum For Children, Ages 2 To 8 Years Old.

45 minute to 1 hour Assembly, 4-class and 8 class sessions (can vary by location) Weekly 30-minute class (can vary by location) with the Kidini Certificate. A set of At Home Materials that includes activity Kidini pages and the availability of the Kidini Book and Music CD.

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  • Bully Prevention Respect & Empathy for others
  • Who to trust & Do not fall for tricks from tricky people
  • Keeping a safe distance as big as a Dinosaur
  • When its time to move, do Low & Go to get away
  • When to yell , make a scene & stay silent
  • Educated Running & Stay where you can be seen
  • Know the Safe Zones & Where to go for help
  • Never Give Up, Never Give In & Twist to get away

Character Aid

  • Penney the Penguin
  • Eyezic the Owl
  • Kidini Dinosaur
  • Leaper the Frog
  • Alli the Alligator
  • Pinchi the Crab
  • Arman the Octopus
  • Twister the Tornado

Teaching Children Self Protective Skills The Kidini Karate curriculum emphasizes awareness, avoid and escape from danger skills as well as character development.